Sagel Urlacher Yin Yoga & Meditation on the Beach

NOW AVAILABLE! Enjoy this new online Yin Yoga & Meditation class on the beach with Sagel!

Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training w/Sagel - Boston

Join Sagel Jan 13-15, 2018 at Jacqui Bonwell's Canton Yoga Shala in Canton, MA for Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

“Seriously, thank you for a most amazing training – beautifully presented, well-organized, and lovingly done. I look forward to learning from you again.” – KB, Boston

Sagel Urlacher Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

Discover how a Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training with Sagel can transform your teaching and practice


Sagel Urlacher Yin Yoga & Meditation, Yoga Nidra workshops

Find Yin Yoga & Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, and Yoga Nidra workshops with Sagel.


Sagel Urlacher Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

Interested in hosting Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training or Workshop with Sagel at your studio?


Sagel Urlacher Deep Relaxation Meditation

NEW! I hope you enjoy this free 20min Deep Relaxation meditation practice filmed with gratitude in the Sonoran Desert!


“Everyday life doesn’t always encourage Yin qualities, but that doesn’t make Yin qualities any less important or valuable – it just makes them more scarce.” – Sagel

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Upcoming Trainings

13jan - 15All DayYin Yoga Teacher Training Boston Jan 13-15 2018with Sagel. Apply Today!
26jan - 29All DayYin Yoga Teacher Training Maine Jan 26-29, 2018with Sagel. Program Full, Wait List Avail
27apr - 29All DayYin Yoga Teacher Training Vermont Apr 27-29, 2018with Sagel. Apply Today!
23feb - 25All DayYin Yoga Teacher Training Waverley Yoga Feb 23-25, 2018with Sagel. Apply Today!

Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainings

Sagel leads Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Trainings and Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainings throughout the United States. These trainings are perfect for teachers wanting to offer their students a more complete practice as well as practitioners wanting to deepen their understanding of these powerful, transformative practices.

23mar - 25mar 239:00 ammar 25Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Sagel March 2018 in Stowe, VTwith Sagel. Apply Today!
6oct - 8All DayYin Yoga Teacher Training Kaiwah Island South Carolina Oct 6-8, 2018with Sagel. Apply Today!

Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training with Sagel Urlacher Maine Boston Connecticut

“For teachers and those just interested in adding a new layer to their practice – I can’t recommend this training enough.” – AJ, Boston

“I was so blessed to participate in this amazing and transformative training … honestly one of the best I have ever experienced.” – BB, Boston

a mindful awareness … a compassionate heart … a joyful life
this is your birthright

Sagel Urlacher Meditative Yin Yoga Teacher Training Maine Boston

Possibilities of the Practice: The Layers of Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation

Equal parts science and spirit, Yin Yoga & Meditation combines the powerful practices of Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation to help transform body, heart, and mind.  This practice unwinds tension in the body to bring long-lasting relief and health to the body’s critical “invisible half,” refreshes the mind to bring clarity and deeper understanding, and creates spaciousness in the heart to let us live and love with more ease.
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May you always remember the vastness of your light. You are a limitless being with limitless possibilities, intimately and ever-connected to spirit and to one another. Never underestimate the power of your light, especially when the sky is dark…

  As these practices strengthen our ability to be fully present for our own life, both on and off the mat, our ability to be fully present for the lives of others is strengthened as well. When we become more comfortable in our bodies and confident in our inherent worth, this generosity of spirit spreads outward and benefits everyone we meet.