april, 2016

3apr5:30 pm- 7:00 pmYin Yoga & Meditation @ Greener Postures Yoga, WF | Sundays 5:30pm


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Yin Yoga & Meditation @ Greener Postures Yoga: grounded in Mindfulness practices

Meditative Yin Yoga uniquely combines Yin exercise to balance the body with Mindfulness Meditation to train the heart and mind in compassion.  This quiet, non-flow class serves the hidden half of your body – your connective tissues, which actually restrict your range of motion more than muscles and is an important complement to Vinyasa yoga and other forms of exercise.  All levels of students are welcome.

Keep your practice sustainable for the long-term by adding Meditative Yin Yoga to your weekly schedule. This non-heated, non-flow class combines Yin Yoga and Seated Meditation into a powerful re-energizing practice for body, mind, and spirit.  Most exercise focuses on our superficial muscles (yang), making this class the “Other Half” of your practice. It uses stillness to strengthen, lengthen, and hydrate our deep connective Yin tissues in the legs, hips, pelvis, and spine, keeping our bodies flexible and mobile.

Postures are seated and supine and held 3-6 minutes, which also balances the flow of Qi through our body’s meridian system, nourishing the corresponding organs and steadying emotional states.

Basic Seated Meditation instruction and breathing techniques are provided to help you cultivate the skills of Concentration, Mindfulness, and Lovingkindness.  Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, help us face our fears, improve our focus, protect our brain against aging, and provide us with a greater sense of equanimity and wholeness.  No experience necessary, all levels of students welcome!

In Yin Yoga, we relax our muscles to open and work deeply into the connective tissues to improve and maintain flexibility and mobility.  Yin targets the areas of lower back, thighs, spine, and hips, strengthening and hydrating them.  Restrictions of our body’s range of motion lay 41% in muscles and 47% in connective tissues, so Yin Yoga provides a powerful opportunity to restore and maintain the body’s flexibility and fluidity, making it the perfect complement to our yang exercise.  Yin Yoga also regulates energy pathways, promoting a healthy flow of energy throughout the body.


(Sunday) 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Greener Postures Yoga, West Falmouth

65 Gray Road, Falmouth ME


Sagel Urlacher sagel(at)mymeditativeyoga.com

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