Maine YogaFest

Sagel Urlacher Yin Yoga Meditation Teacher Training

Maine YogaFest 2017!

2017 will be my 4th year teaching at Maine YogaFest and I couldn’t be more excited and honored be a part of such a beautiful and joyful event!  The MYF mission to bring the Maine community together, celebrate the transformative powers of yoga, and encourage a healthy, peaceful and compassionate way of living is both incredibly heartening and inspiring. Can’t wait to share this timewith you!
– In metta, Sagel

Join Sagel and acclaimed harpist Danielle Paus

Sunday, July 9th 8:30-10:00am- Mudita Tent

Join us for a tranquil and transformative journey into your Divine Heart, unbounded and filled with unconditional love and compassion.  As Sagel leads you through a beautiful variation of an ancient Lovingkindness meditation practice, you will be sweetly serenaded in the fresh morning air by the sacred soul sounds of live harp accompaniment. You will then be guided into a heart-centered deep relaxation Yoga Nidra practice that is pure bliss. You’ll arise renewed and refreshed with your spirit radiant and radiating and a heart that’s ready for anything.  This is a one of a kind workshop you won’t want to miss!

The Lovingkindness practice is a heart-gardening meditation practice of offering unconditional friendliness to ourselves and others. With techniques developed by the Buddha himself, this is a profound and powerful practice of remembering.  Remembering that we all desire and deserve to be safe and happy. That we’re not alone, but rather deeply connected to one another. That we all share the same vulnerabilities to change and loss.

And it’s a practice of forgiveness, of ourselves and others.  We generate compassion for ourselves, which very naturally becomes a beautiful gift we offer to others.  We honor the inherent goodness of our own hearts, and become more able to recognize and celebrate the goodness of others.  We tend our hearts that our hearts may tend the world.

This simple, transformative, and foundational practice helps us operate from our highest wisdom, cultivating our naturally kind, joyful, compassionate heart energy – our inherent potential, our boundless birthright. You deserve joy!

After moving through the Lovingkindness meditation, you will journey even deeper into the loving landscape of your spirit through a guided Yoga Nidra practice designed to harmonize and revitalize the heart chakra…bringing radiance to your whole being from the inside out.

In uncertain or unsettling times, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed and unsure how to help.  Lovingkindness practice reminds us there’s always something tangible we can do to be a light for ourselves and the world around us!

Lovingkindness meditation has been shown to increase positive emotions and decrease negative ones, reduce chronic pain, activate empathy and compassion centers of the brain, curb self-criticism and judgment of others, fight effects of aging, and drastically increase our sense of happiness, well-being, and connection with others. Practiced lying down, Yoga Nidra is among the deepest forms of guided meditation, helping to release physical, mental, and emotional tension – the ultimate de-stress program that refreshes and rejuvenates the Whole you.

All throughout this 90min workshop, the beautiful, uplifting vibrations of Danielle’s harp accompaniment will serenade your spirit and help to you heal on a cellular level, rebalancing and raising the energy vibration of tissues throughout the body into alignment with the vibration of the Universe.

Don’t miss the chance begin this day with manifesting the Divine Heart beating inside you, giving love, receiving love, embodying love.   You may want to bring a pillow, a blanket, and light kerchief for your eyes. Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary!

Maine YogaFest 2016

Sagel Urlacher Lovingkindness Metta Bhavana Maine YogaFest
Meditation Workshop
8:30-10am | Saturday July 9, 2016
Maine YogaFest (in Mudita Tent)

The Metta Bhavana (Lovingkindness) practice is a profound and powerful heart-awakening meditation practice of offering unconditional friendliness to ourselves and others.  Join Sagel to learn this simple, transformative, and foundational practice that helps us operate from our heart’s highest wisdom and concrete ways to bring it into each of your days.

Sagel Urlacher Yin Yoga & Meditation Yoga Nidra Maine YogaFest
Yin & Yoga Nidra w/live Harpist & Reiki Energy Work
3-4:30pm | Sunday July 10, 2016
Maine YogaFest (in Surya Room)

You are Energy, and the health of your Energy body is intimately connected to the health of your Physical and Emotional Bodies.  They form a powerful, sacred triune that propels you toward your life purpose. Join Sagel for this special workshop and feed the River of Life within you, raise your vibration level and manifest your spirit’s truest Intention.


Journey into Lovingkindness MYF 2015

Yin Yoga & Meditation w/Crystal Singing Bowls
Maine YogaFest
July 11, 2015

Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation MYF 2015

Yoga Nidra w/Crystal Singing Bowls
Maine YogaFest
July 12, 2015