Sagel Urlacher & Jacqui Bonwell Kripalu Yin Yoga

Warriors & Yinjas: a Five-Day Retreat @ Kripalu

Sept 25-29, 2017: led by Jacqui Bonwell & Sagel Urlacher
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
Stockbridge, MA

Join two of New England’s celebrated yoga teachers, Jacqui Bonwell and Sagel Urlacher, as they return to Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health Sept 25-29, 2017 to offer WARRIORS & YINJAS, a 5-day Vinyasa & Yin Yoga intensive! Each day you will have a dynamic vinyasa experience and a soulful yin experience. Classes will include energetic assisting (reiki), meditation, pranayama, journaling, and chanting.

Warriors & Yinjas are both strong and soft, with quiet courage and deep insight. Warrior medicine helps to maintain perspective and keeps you grounded, while your Inner Yinja – your sensing self – reconnects you to your intuitive wisdom and ability to meet the circumstances of your life with compassion and creativity. A Vinyasa practice deeply encourages efficiency, sophistication, and organization of movement, thinking, and breathing. It is masterful at teaching you how to keep your inner resources close as you navigate the studio that is your life and the postures it puts you in. A Yin practice is its greatest complement, moving your awareness inward beyond the muscle and into the depths of connective tissue and your subtle energy body, exploring your inner physical, mental, and emotional landscape in stillness. Two effective practices to lift the parts of you that need lifting and to relax the parts of you that need relaxing. The goal of this week-long retreat is for you to walk away feeling totally transformed; for your body to feel amazing, for your brain to feel harmonious, and for your heart to be in its greatest condition. You will tap into the sacred nature of the ancient yoga teachings so that the sacred nature of “you” can come up for air.

During this 5-day intensive retreat, you can also expect to have fun!! Jacqui and Sagel are nurturing, dedicated mentors that infuse humor, music, and extensive knowledge of the physical, mental, energetic, and emotional body into every class. All that is required is that you bring your powerful self and your journal.

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